Introducing Glowpear self watering planterS

Grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers at home with easy to use, modular, self watering planters.
Glowpear grows with you.




Fruit, vegetables, herbs & flowers

Designed for growing a wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the urban environment, no space is too large or small for Glowpear self watering pots.

Indoor & outdoor ready

Glowpear planters combine innovative design features with robust construction, creating the perfect solution for either indoor or outdoor use.


Integrated self-watering

Ensure your plants thrive with the Glowpear low maintenance, self-watering system.

Water conventionally through the soil, or periodically top up the water reservoir via the fill points.

Take the self watering challenge today!



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Remodeling and Home Design


"I would definitely recommend the Glowpear Urban Garden to anyone looking for a trendy and easy way to garden! I will definitely be telling my friends about this one."

Kristina, Emerald QLD


"It took approximately 10 minutes to unpack and set up the planter. It was great that all the tools required to set up were included with the product. I was surprised how easily it was to put together. My nine year old son also helped to put it together and understood the process as well"

Melissa, Golden Grove SA


"The self watering feature is brilliant and very deceptive as to how much water it can hold- which is a good thing. After a week our plants are established and growing - this is even with 35 degree days." 

Erin, Wellington Point QLD


"This is honestly what was missing from my life - it has made my hobby for gardening, growing and nurturing so much easier! It makes the entire process that much more enjoyable! I look forward to using my Glowpear every day."

Despina, Seaford VIC


See what our friend, yoga guru Candace, has been doing with the Urban Garden on youtube, or with these amazing recipes!

Down to earth

Glowpears are designed to be compatible with a wide range of soil preparations. However, there are a few simple soil considerations that will help to make your Glowpear Urban Garden experience even better.


The feature-packed Glowpear self watering pots brings together function and form, seamlessly integrating all the functionality today's urban farmer needs.

Designed to suit urban environments

Perfect for a range of spaces including gardens, balconies, courtyards, decks and patios, Glowpear Urban Garden self watering planters can either stand alone or be interconnected with other planters to suit your needs and budget.

The Glowpear Urban Garden grows with you.


Urban farming

Farmers don't look like they used to.

With Glowpear Urban Garden self watering pots anyone can grow their own organic fresh produce, and bring their urban spaces to life.

Stylish, tough & resilient

Contemporary, hard wearing, UV and corrosion resistant, the Glowpear Urban Garden is built tough to withstand the rigors of the urban environment.

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