The Glowpear Mini Rail has been purpose built for mounting to hand rails and balustrades.

Whether you require a temporary or permanent solution, with Mini Rail you can grow your own fresh produce effortlessly in a self-watering planter specifically designed for balustrades, hand rails, fences and balconies.

The Mini Rail features an intuitive wall bracket mounting system to make rail mounted vertical gardening simple and rewarding. See how easy Mini Rail is to install by clicking the video below.



The Glowpear Mini Rail has been specifically designed to enable simple, hassle free installation in a wide range of contexts. No need for tools or permanent fixings, simply pick your location, tighten the brackets by hand, and in a matter of minutes you’re ready to plant!   

The Mini Rail has been engineered with sufficient planting depth to ensure great results with a range of herbs, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants. Add to this Glowpear’s self-watering technology, food safe/ BPA free construction, and a super compact footprint, and you can see why the Mini is the perfect solution to provide ‘pick as you go’, nutritious organic produce from your hanging garden all year round.



Whatever your urban space, the Mini Rail can be tailored to bring it to life. Its unique modular design allows each planter to either stand alone or be interconnected with additional modules to suit the individual requirements of your space and budget.



The Mini Rail is packed with innovative features. Don't take our word for it though, we've provided the diagram above so you can check it out for yourself.


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